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Phone Systems UK

Clear & reliable VoIP business phone systems. Installation,
training & full support from Atia Communications.

Phone systems
Business phone systems
VoIP phone systems
IP PBX phone systems

Phone systems

Professional phone systems provide clear & reliable internal & external communications channels to single site businesses with fewer than 10 employees to multisite business with well over 1000 employees.


Business phone system

The telephone is an extremely important piece of equipment. Business phone systems from Atia Communications remain the most reliable, customisable and supported systems in the UK.


VoIP phone systems

VoIP phone systems or Voice over IP based phone systems replace your traditional hardware based phone system. A VoIP phone system uses your existing internet connection to make phone calls.


IP PBX phone systems

IP communications systems act in place of a traditional PBX system, more commonly known as a telephone exchange. Being software based means you can host your own IP PBX phone system.

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